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Garden Mums
What - How - Why?
The why is easy - they are beautiful! 
Read on to learn more. 
What is a Garden Mum?
  • Most mums sold today are grown for their color, form, and size – these decorative, or garden mums are not bred for their hardiness
  • They are sold for the beauty they provide this season – following year should be considered a bonus


Planting Garden Mums:

  • Plant in at least ½ day sun light
  • Add peat to a sandy soil or sand to a clay soil
  • Be sure the soil is well drained
  • Remove plant from pot and gently break up the root ball a little to encourage roots to branch out   
  • Water thoroughly, fertilizing has already been done to establish roots and blooms


Winter protection:

  • Do not prune
  • Keep soil moist as winter nears
  • After several hard frosts, mulch with straw, leaves, etc.


Next spring – if they return:

  • Remove old mulch
  • Prune off dead stems
  • Apply a general all-purpose fertilizer such as Jack’s as directed
  • When new growth is 4” to 6,” pinch back by half, continuing pinching whenever new growth is 3” to 5” until early July for bushy fall blooming plants
  • Water thoroughly as needed and fertilize monthly

As the growing season comes to an end, repeat the procedures listed above